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Energy Integrals is a fully Nigerian owned company born with the passion to provide solution to challenges and complexities in delivering energy in Africa. We are in business to see Africa light up and provide quality services to the gas industry. We look at the new opportunities that the energy industry promises now and in the future.

Workers on West African offshore oil rig looking up at the derrick.

Workers on West African offshore oil rig looking up at the derrick.


Energy Integrals, is a provider of device level energy management solutions, enables businesses to optimize their energy consumption and improve system level performance and facility operations. Using affordable real-time wireless sensor technology and a cloud-base analytics solution, companies across a wide range of industries gain critical and continuous insights into their energy usage and are able to optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources..
Why our solutions are a fit for you ;
for individuals and co-operate bodies :
-Ease of deployment.
-Low cost of ownership
-Fast return on investment
for Commercial Builders and Real Estate Developers :
-High market rent
-High occupancy rate
-Improved retention
-Lower operating cost.

The Cost of NOT Managing Energy

Off-hours consumption •  Inefficient energy profiles •  Unmonitored BMS overrides •  Scheduled preventative maintenance •  Repair of failed devices •  Unnecessary retrofits •  Forfeited incentives and rebates •  Insufficient production rates and quality •  Deficient overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) items •  Lack of visibility into critical systems

Our address

1, Jason Street, First Avenue, Rumuibekwe Estate, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
4.847638618463694, 7.0552201511964085

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