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Betafix integrated solutions is an independent establishment which offers a broad range of professional services. We provide General installation, maintenance and repair service, and on the other hand, we offer a platform for online business development. Our partners are made up of a selection of specialists in their respective field who fully understand the philosophy behind the organization. Staff members of the establishment understand the intricate values of good conduct, customer relations and proficiency in their jobs.

General installation, maintenance and repair service
We work closely with specialist and technical partners to provide quality service delivery to our customers. Our business operations are structured to appeal to a variety of service users ranging from private residences, small businesses, shop owners and corporate institutions. We use the partnership with our specialist and technicians in conjunction with our business sense and expertise to deliver a cost-effective service through a process of quality control.

Digital marketing solution provider
Our business development platform is a full-service online marketing and digital public relations establishment dedicated to provide strategic and well implemented service for businesses and organizations looking to fully utilize the internet.

We have made it our objective to help businesses grow online and watch that growth progress offline. At BIS, our operations are carried out through learning, educating, innovating, creating and ultimately, delivering results.
BIS will help your business develop a strong, successful presence online and on social media sites like facebook, twitter, pintrest, youtube, google +, instagram, tumblr and vine.

Our address

Plot 69, A close Federal Housing Estate Abuloma road, Port Harcourt.
4.781506882995815, 7.043404052114852
+2348114396105, +2347087615342

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