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Welcome to Air Peace

Air Peace comes on board with an unparalleled safety consciousness second to none, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our travelers across the Globe! With our fleet which consists of state of the art Dornier 328, several Boeing 737-500 sp (special performance) and 737-300 jets, our travelers can be rest assured that their journeys will feel like holidays be you on vacation or a business trip.

safety_mainpicAll Aircraft are equipped with Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS 220) geared towards safety. This equipment is manufactured and installed on all the planes by Flight Aerospace Solutions Ltd (FLYHT) of Canada. FLYHT has a 5year contract with Air Peace to this end.

One of the fundamentals of the AFIRS 220 is the monitoring of the Engine trend from take off to landing not only by the Pilot but also officials monitoring on ground. That way, the engine performance is seen guaranteeing maximum safety. The AFIRS special features like Flight tracking, the automated engine data collection for real time trending, fuel management and satellite voice communications currently stand Air Peace out as one of the Airlines with such matchless safety strength in the world!

One of the major ideas behind setting up Air Peace is to create massive employment opportunities for Nigerians thereby contributing to the well-being of our people. In view of this, Air Peace has, with a huge cost, sent over 40 unemployed Nigerian Pilots to CAE, UK for evaluation and assessment prior to their eventual employment.

We have also shortlisted over 40 Nigerian Graduate Engineers to be sent to Aircraft maintenance training facilities abroad for training in Aircraft maintenance..

Our address

55B, Old Aba Road Port Harcourt.
4.8442795, 7.040913600000067

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