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rsz_zwy-b9biAt African Health Development Initiative (AHDI), we believe that Access to Quality Healthcare is the right of every individual, no matter the location.

Quality Healthcare is Healthcare that is appropriate for the user and could be primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary depending on the needs of the individual.

In the third world and Africa in particular one of the major challenges faced is access. This is multifactorial with a myriad of issues ranging from the individual mindset to healthcare financing and ultimately availability. These issues includes, but are not limited to the following;

Individual and cultural beliefs.
Financial lack.
Lack of adequate healthcare facilities.
Low number and poor distribution of healthcare providers
Lack of adequate diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
Poor health finance model.

At AHDI, a hydra headed approach is adopted to providing Quality Healthcare at every level and this is achieved through strategic partnerships with individuals, communities, corporate bodies, healthcare providers (foreign and local) and government bodies.

Various activities have been carried out at all levels to ensure Quality Healthcare Delivery. Such activities includes, Free Health Checks, Health Fairs, Awareness Activities, Free Health Exercises, Symposia, Out Patient Camps and establishing Healthcare Cooperatives to address Healthcare Financing Needs of Groups, communities and populations of various sizes.

These activities are designed following a needs assessment and are target specific.

AHDI is a Non-Governmental Organization committed to Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Delivery by Bringing Quality Healthcare to The Doorsteps to the people and we are open to partnerships at every level.
ahdi: historical background

AHDI was incorporated in 2004 when the need to formalize its activities became necessary. At this time the scourge and reality of HIV/ AIDS came to the notice of the Founder who was directly involved in the management of these cases and became acutely aware of the issues and challenges presented by the epidemic (medical & non-medical).

In partnership with a few kind and caring individuals, awareness campaigns were carried out to educate the masses and improve the management of this epidemic. Following this, challenges in healthcare delivery were brought to the fore and AHDI has since delved into other areas of healthcare delivery. This led to the commitment to Bridging the Gap in Healthcare Delivery which initially was primarily in the Port Harcourt Metropolis.

AHDI was subsequently approached by well-meaning individuals from various walks of life to extend these activities to various communities and AHDI has now grown into a strong NGO with numerous volunteer teams and specialists in various fields.

A visit to healthcare facilities in foreign countries further exposed the gap in healthcare delivery and the fact that various governments in the third world cannot cater for the healthcare needs of their populaces solely. The support of individuals and Non-Governmental Bodies is required to make maximal health coverage a reality. The journey so far has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. A lot more is in store and the aim of providing Quality Healthcare to Every individual is very much on course.


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