Free education in the USA?


The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

– Aristotle

Do not be surprised free education still exists in the United States of America

The USA is known as a pure capitalist country, but few know about free tuition universities for international students

The importance of education is too numerous to discuss but let the quote from Aristotle be a reminder of the need for education; every farmer needs an edible fruit. This post aims to bring to the knowledge of those who may not know that despite the massive cost of graduate and undergraduate education in the USA, there are a few colleges and universities that offer 100& tuition fee policy: free education. For instance, some universities give reasons why there are no tuition and others do not.

Below are some of those that we can law our hands-on for now

Berea College

Barea College is a predominantly black liberal arts college founded in in 1855, it was among the first interracial and coeducational colleges in the USA, and is in Berea Kentucky, USA.

Berea college’s students are almost from the state of Kentucky, the Appalachian region; however, there are many students from other countries. It offers 100% scholarship to its students, including international students. International students pay only 50 (US)  entrance fee and upon securing admission will make a deposit of $2,200 (US)  to secure and confirm their enrolment; this deposit will be paid back to the students to be used for their personal expenses. Berea College offers students jobs and assists students in securing student jobs within the Berea area as well.

Vanderbilt University

It is a private research university founded in 1873 named after Cornelius Vanderbilt – a wealthy businessman – who financed the construction of the university. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It offers a substantial amount of funds for scholarships to international students; even has a Nigerian scholar as an academic staff.

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