20 Things You Should Throw Away for Better Health


“Replacing a bra whenever it no longer lends comfort and support will help reduce back pain in heavier women, and can slow the natural process of aging in breast tissue” Kristi Funk, MD

Old plastic containers
Go through your collection of food-storage containers and toss anything made of clear, rigid plastic, and stamped with a 7 or “pc” (stands for polycarbonate).

Old mascara
Liquid makeup, including mascara, can harbor a lot of germs, says Thomas Steinemann, MD, an American Academy of Ophthalmology spokesperson who practices in Ohio. That’s why he recommends throwing tubes away two to three months after opening. “Each time you use mascara, you are brushing it and any germs onto your lashes,” he says. “You’re also contaminating the brush with even more bacteria present on your skin or eyelashes, then plunging it into a moist room-temperature environment, which encourages bacterial growth.” One of the primary functions of eyelashes is to keep debris and germs from entering your eye, so it’s important to keep the makeup you put on them as germ-free as possible, he adds.

Stretched-out bras
When’s the last time you went bra shopping? The elastic in bras can get stretched out over time (the washing machine speeds up this process) which means less support for your girls. “Replacing a bra whenever it no longer lends comfort and support will help reduce back pain in heavier women, and can slow the natural process of aging in breast tissue,” says breast specialist Kristi Funk, MD. (That “natural process of aging” is sagging.)

Air fresheners
Though some companies have recently announced they’re phasing out phthalates, which are used to help fragrance linger longer, many air fresheners (solids, sprays, and plug-ins) still contain this type of chemical, which in large doses may have harmful effects on reproduction or development.

Antibacterial soap
Antibacterial soap is no more effective at killing bacteria than the regular stuff—and they may not be safe, according to a 2014 FDA report. Triclosan, the active ingredient in antibacterial cleansers, has been shown to alter hormone regulation in animals, and there’s also concern that the chemical may contribute to antibiotic resistance.

Frayed toothbrush
If you’re brushing in the morning and the evening like you’re supposed to, then your toothbrush bristles are probably becoming frayed and worn faster than you realize. “In my experience, bristles start to fray after about two months of use, so I recommend my patients replace their brushes every three months”

“In the end, we are what we think about, and what we think about is heavily influenced by what we keep around us”
Not sure where to start? Toss things that annoy you every time you see them, like socks that have lost their match, or your overflowing kitchen junk drawer. No matter what you decide to throw out (or donate), your goal is to whittle the physical objects down to only items that help you feel energized and accomplish your goals.

Clothes you don’t wear anymore
Take a peek in your closet. How many items have you not worn within the last year? Many people who’ve lost weight keep the bigger sizes around in case they regain it, while others hold onto the size 2 jeans they wore in high school, thinking maybe if they diet they’ll fit again. In either case, seeing these items every day can bring on anxiety. That’s not how anyone wants to feel when getting ready.

Leftovers lingering in the fridge

“When it comes to highly perishable food that contains animal ingredients, the rule of thumb is to eat, toss, or freeze after three days,Listeria is linked to scary things like meningitis, miscarriages, and even death,” he says. “It can grow to millions at refrigerator temperatures in under a week” Michael P. Doyle, PhD

Your kitchen sponge

Studies show the kitchen sponge is the germiest thing in the average American household, says Tierno. While some experts recommend microwaving sponges daily to zap bacteria, Doyle recommends skipping them completely: “When you use a sponge to clean meat juices, which can contain harmful microbes like salmonella, and it stays moist at room temperature, they grow quickly and studies show even the dishwasher doesn’t kill them.” He advises using a washcloth to clean dishes instead, grabbing a clean one every few days, and throwing the dirty ones in with your laundry. “Because it’s thinner, a washcloth dries quicker than a sponge between washes, which helps significantly slow bacterial growth,” he explains.

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7 Tips to Improve Your Memory


Learning ability is probably the most important skill you can have. We need to keep learning and remembering all our lives,getting ahead at work takes mastery of job skills and difficult colleagues … If you’re good at learning, you have an advantage in life.

1. Retrieval: Bring it back from memory
When you’re attempting to recall an idea, method, or technique from memory, you’re retrieving. Flash cards are a great example: They force you to recall an idea from memory, unlike a technique such as highlighting where you’re not burning anything into your brain. The reason retrieval’s so effective is that it strengthens the neural pathways associated with a given concept.

2. Elaboration: Connect new ideas to what you already know

When you try to put a new idea into your own words, you’re elaborating.
For instance, if you’re in physics class and trying to understand heat transfer, try to tie the concept into your real-life experiences, say, by imagining how a warm cup of coffee disperses heat into your hands.

3. Interleaving: Varying your subjects

When you work on a variety of things at once, you’re interleaving. If you’re trying to understand a subject — from the basics of economics to hitting a pitch — you’re going to learn better if you mix up your examples. A sports case: Batters who do batting practice with a mix of fastballs, change-ups, and curveballs hit for a higher average. The interleaving helps because when you’re out there in the wild, you need to first discern what kind of problem you’re facing before you can start to find a solution, like a ball coming from a pitcher’s hand.

4. Generation: Answer before you have an answer

When you try to give an answer before it’s given to you, you’re generating. “By wading into the unknown first and puzzling through it, you are far more likely to learn and remember the solution than if somebody first sat down to teach it to you,” the authors write. In an academic setting, you could work finding your own answers before class starts. In a professional setting, you could supply your own ideas when you’re stuck before talking with your boss.

5. Reflection: Evaluate what happened

When you take a few moments to review what happened with a project or meeting, you’re reflecting. You might ask yourself a few questions: What went well? Where can you improve? What does it remind you of? Harvard Business School researchers have found reflective writing to be super powerful. Just 15 minutes of written reflection at the end of the day increased performance by 23% for one group of employees.

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So, that man has three girlfriends he is hailed as a hero, a freelance donor and a gift to women, a bad guy in a nice sort of way but she has two boyfriends she is tagged and stigmatized as a prostitute a woman of the world. But let’s wait a minute, who is a prostitute and what constitute the act of prostitution? A topical and very controversial issue but I would do my best to dissect it. If you are a sanctimonious self-deluded pastor and a man of God please if you can’t stand the heat in this kitchen just simply pass jejely with hypocrisy because I know some of you are also at it big time. Lol… A cousin that is dating a girl called me this evening complaining seriously that she would have married her as he is in love with her, but he just discovered that she is dating another guy and here is this dope head of a cousin dating three different girls. He referred to her as an old prostitute and he is a month older than her. What did you say? I asked. “She is an old prostitute he reiterated,” I believe that makes you one too. I asked annoyingly. Here is the twist what is this madness where men have to refer to women as old and no matter how old they are they are referred to as guys. “Oh! Hear the stupid line ……..but at my age I should be dating someone at least five years younger than me at 34 she is old” Stupid dolt what is holding you down? Some men have issues in this crass society o!

Where was it written that the man must always be older than the woman and what exactly has age got to do with love? Is this scriptural or what? Someone educate me. Now, here is my question prostitution from my findings is not what should be taken lightly or should be boxed into a cliché’ that affects women alone but should be looked at holistically. The man that buy sexual services from that woman in my understanding is also doing something wrong if at all it is a wrong act. You get attracted to someone, paid for a service and then turned around to castigate her in a bid to feel good about yourself. That is hypocrisy! Many factors must be taken into account when addressing these issues, the reason why one embarks on it in the first place, the socioeconomic factors, circumstances, predisposition, religion; societal needs etc ….rather than boxed it into the moral and religious bracket. Even in the Bible it was Rahab the prostitute that acted as a reconnoitre that helped to achieve the bringing down of the walls of Jericho. Am I right?

This act is described as offering sex in return for favor, money or some form of remuneration, money really not being the only motivating factor and it does not involve only women in today’s world men are heavily involved in it and times have changed babes can also get on the phone call an escort agency to send their exact specification of the man they want. Would I dare call these men prostitutes? Na! But rather I would see them as men providing warmth for lonely women, a service that they get paid handsomely for. Those being the case why label the woman when she is doing the exact same thing? Prostitution the oldest profession in the world that predates Christ, what baffles me today is why men are still using it to derogate women. I have heard of situations where men offer their wives and girlfriends to dignitaries for a business proposal or a juicy contract yes, I heard it happens even in this clime so would you call such a woman a prostitute? When she is doing it because like that girl on the street corner hanging it out and soliciting for someone she too has a story to tell a reason to factor into the circumstances that drove her to that point. The man that sent his wife has a story to tell to and the circumstances that drove him to stoop so low to conquer and threw all caution to the dogs. The money or favor derived from this trade quite often satisfies a need. kind of a means to an end and both the client and provider do not see this act as anything wrong but rather a mutually acceptable pleasure for the benefit of all concerned. The married woman doing it to put food on the table for her family because maybe hubby can’t bring in money anymore as times are hard, the student doing it with her lecturer to pile in the grades, the woman doing it with her boss to get promotion at work.

My friend a married woman once told me she has to service her bosses now and again just to retain her job. The Nollywood actress doing it to get juicy roles in the industry, the list is never exhaustive, the man doing it to keep his family together as he has to keep the family going, the sex worker doing it to get money to help herself. The pastor doing it to provide a certain higher level of grace, since the belief is that the closer one is to the pastor the nearer they are to heaven, aren’t the pastors acting as the gate-keepers to heaven and providing holy sperm to those that need it? Anyone remembers that girl and that Pastor Fatoyinbo, Ese Walters? Lol… The truth is they are all doing it in one form or another, how you look at it determines your peculiar definition of it. Everyone doing it do it for their brand of reasons, for whatever remote expectations, quite often it is out of necessary circumstances rather than choice. Experts in this field are having issues defining who a prostitute is these days. You don’t have to be poor to engage in it, it does not have to be because of financial surge anymore, but rather it could be for other sundry needs or mundane expectations. I can never define any woman or man’s circumstances by this cliche’ nor am I in a position to judge anyone, folks do whatever they have to do to get whatever they want out of it. It is not me here acting the cupid goddess of sex or sexologist to folks but rather I am saying stop pointing dirty accusing fingers at women, stop stigmatizing them and making yourself feel good by it. If you fall into any of the categories of humans above, you have no right to insult another by calling them prostitutes and more so women. Entirely, my opinion, don’t listen to me I am just saying my own.

I know I may have touched the chord, that inner recess of your being and you and you are there saying this woman is a witch, well, that too is okay. Lol….. I agree I am as long as I am saying the truth. But stop judging people because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God, the Bible said, I am quoting the Bible so you can relate with the story since you love your Bible so much, you know how you say it is the sacrosanct word of God that is why. Lol….Even Jesus asked you lot not to stone that woman in the Bible that was labelled a prostitute so it is annoying in 2015 folks are still castigating women when so many men are now sex on wheels. Okay, bye, Goodnight.

Portia Emilia Anthony


The smallest Home in Germany!


IMG_4188Here is one of the world’s smallest homes. This home is equipped with most of the house amenities though it is very small. The owner lives in it and moves around with it attached to his bike. The home has a solar panel, house alarm, satellite dish etc. It was spotted in Cologne Germany.

IMG_4193IMG_4189Cheap international calls to your loved ones in Nigeria. Click here. IMG_4185


Port Harcourt Walk For Peace


PEPPLE(2)Join 10,000 Men, Women & Youths To Advocate for Continuous Peace in Rivers State.

Venue: Isaac Boro Park
            Port Harcourt
            Rivers State.

Date: 28th September 2015

For participation & inquiries call

07032538869, 08161109492



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10 Changes You Need in Your 30's.


“Many people spend their 20s getting some unhealthy behaviors out of their system — like sleeping until 2 p.m. on Saturdays and spending all their disposable cash on new kicks. But your 30s are an ideal time to cement the habits that will help you achieve personal and professional fulfillment for the rest of your life. To give you a head start, we sifted through recent Quora threads on this critical life transition and highlighted the most compelling responses. Here are 10 lifestyle tweaks you can make in your 30s to lay the foundation for lifelong success:

1. Stop smoking.
If you’ve started smoking, stop immediately, suggests Quora user Cyndi Perlman Fink. While you can’t undo the damage you may have already incurred from smoking, research suggests that those who quit before age 40 have a 90% lower mortality risk than those who continue.

2. Start going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day.
It might be tempting to use the weekends to recoup your sleep debt, but Nan Waldman recommends you hit the hay and wake up around the same time every single day. If you oversleep for even a few days, experts say you risk resetting your body clock to a different cycle, so you’ll start getting tired later in the day. Avoid a lifetime of sleep issues by sticking to bedtime and wakeup routines whenever you can.

3. Start exercising regularly.

“Try to move yourself as much as possible,” says Alistair Longman. “It doesn’t matter if it’s walking, cycling, running, weightlifting, hiking, swimming — as long as it involves some movement.” In the later half of your 30s, you start losing muscle mass, so it’s especially important to exercise at this time”

4. Start saving money.
“Building the habit of saving early means you’ll continue it further down the line,” says Cliff Gilley. It might seem like your golden years are a lifetime away, but the earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to accrue interest.

5. Start pursuing a life dream.
“Don’t delay pursuing your life goals,” writes Bill Karwin. “Want to buy a house? Have kids? Write a book? Pick one of those life goals and get started. What can you do between now and the end of the year to embark on one of them?”

6. Start learning to be happy with what you have.
“If you are content with what you have, you will have a happier life,” says Robert Walker. It’s really about gratitude: Research suggests that appreciating what you have can increase happiness and decrease negative feelings. Perhaps that’s why Oprah Winfrey kept a daily gratitude journal for years.

7. Stop thinking you need to satisfy everyone.
“After I reached 30, I stopped feeling the need to please everyone. You can choose your friends and contacts more carefully,” says Kevin Teo. In particular, Teo realized he wasn’t obligated to be nice to people who were unfriendly toward him. Whether you decide to whittle down your Facebook friends to a mere 500 or simply hang out more with the people who make you happy, it’s important to invest your time and energy wisely.

8. Stop comparing yourself to others.
“If you are unable to do some things in life compared to your siblings and friends, then please be at peace with yourself,” advises Mahesh Kay. “Don’t be harsh on yourself.” As one psychotherapist writes, constantly peering over your shoulder to see what others are doing doesn’t help you accomplish your goals. You’d be better off spending time thinking about what you want to achieve and evaluating your progress on those fronts.”

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Federal Government College, Port Harcourt: Class of 1980 REUNION!


39 years ago, on 30th September 1975, 90 young persons (pre-teens and teenagers) from all over Nigeria arrived at the old site of Federal Government College, along Rumuola Road in Port Harcourt. This cohort has gone down valleys, climbed mountains, sailed through rivers and traversed flat plains over the years.

Along the way, they shed a tear as ten of their bosom friends finished their races and went to sleep… Today, these young saplings have come of age, achieving success in various endeavours. [shareaholic app=”recommendations” id=”19270318″]Their collective achievements call for celebration hence their first reunion activities scheduled as follows:

30th September 2015 – Teleconference at 8PM(GMT): To mark 40 years of our first day at FGCPH.

1st October 2015 – Arrival in Port Harcourt, “Catch Up” Socials.

2nd October 2015 – School Assembly.

3rd October 2015 – City Tour; Gala Night.

4th October 2015 – Departure.

Old Students of FGC Port Harcourt and other Unity Schools, present and former teachers, parents and philanthropists are especially invited to our Gala Night at Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt.

For tickets please email fgcph80@outlook.com or contact Isaac: 07064045268

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PostCard From London 1


This will be my first postcard from London to you posted on this blog. I hope that you will be happy getting it. I’m writing from Nottingham, a city synonymous with Robin Hood, gun violence, the Goose Fair Festival, etc. I will not delve into these issues now but in subsequent postcards.

I struggled with the early morning cold to reach the bus stop in order to catch a bus to work. A few meters from the bus stop,  people gathered for nothing else but to urge a disgruntled middle aged man not to jump from the 6th floor of a building. I got a glimpse of the man whom I presumed received government benefits (get paid weekly for doing nothing). He looked healthy and well-kept, although I was informed that he lost his job and also his marriage crashed.

I thought of Nigeria, and tried to reason how this scenario would have been if this is taking place somewhere in Aba. No one would have cared about him and at the same time the Police would have been waiting to throw him into the cell if he survived. If he jumps, that means less people and people must drink at his funeral. I risked missing my bus in order to see the end of the “movie”. Finally, he reached an agreement with the government negotiator via his cell phone not to jump, because he was promised a Council flat (rent at no cost). He agreed to go for counseling, which the government will also pay for. The Paramedics took him down from the angle where he stood, to the jubilation of his friends and family, whereas I got to work late. I can’t think of a lesson from this incident for you to take home, nonetheless till next time.

Originally published on Tuesday, 15 March 2011 by Maddox Ojimadu’s Blog

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Leading Fashion Event- Runway Infuse Shopping, Coming Soon!


Runway Infuse Shopping, a fashion event slated for August 2015 is Port Harcourt‘s leading platform for showcasing exciting and emerging new designs from our indigenous designers around Port Harcourt and Nigeria at large. The event is aimed at building and exposing the fashion industry in the city of Port Harcourt and also provides aspiring Nigerian designers an opportunity to showcase their work to the continent and the rest of the world.

Our event has experienced a very large turnout of guest attendance ever recorded in a fashion event in the city of Port Harcourt, it would be safe to say Runway Infuse Shopping has a large presence as Port Harcourt’s leading fashion event platform.

Through our event we would be able to give designers and brands a root and presence in the coastal city of Port Harcourt. Through Runway Infuse Shopping 2015, your brand will successfully reach and interact with a wide variety of Port Harcourt based individuals ranging from students through to young urban professionals and adults who are mostly the type of guest we have in attendance of our event.

For Sponsorship and Participation call: 08172642206, 08056285657

For more information

Website: www.runwayinfuseshoppingevent.com

Facebook: runwayinfuseshopping
Twitter: @runwayinfuse

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