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Elly Eleanor is a contemporary Christian in a contemporary world. Lives in London, United Kingdom, a devout christian and an academic.

Life Realities...2


Live a life you are proud of….. beyond people’s perception of you, enjoy a relationship that is true and you are genuinely investing in beyond all the FaceBook likes and Instagram followers.

Enjoy fashion because it suits you and its right for you and not with the sole purpose of hitting the tabloids, enjoy the solitude of proposing to your fiancée or fiancé  in quietness, looking into their eyes with a determination to make the relationship work as God helps you both in your differences, and not the unrealistic energy invested in all the dramatic proposals, you are no Hollywood director and never forget, your marriage is private not public, do not divulge so much information on social media.

Build it, invest in it, give it your best shot, give it your time and spend less time on the facade of window dressing on social media. We can have healthy relationships if our priorities are right.

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Bitter Vs Better


We all go through situations in life that keep us on our feet, regardless of the faith we profess or the personalities we have tried to build over the years. Some people have the misconception that if you are a Christian, you shouldn’t be shaken by situations, but be mindful because that is actually most times in our head and not in reality. At some point, when the disciples heard all that Jesus had to say, they were really overwhelmed and all they could utter was “Lord increase our faith”. They said this because at that point, the Lords approach to life’s issues seemed so surreal. During the agonizing times before the death of Jesus, He prayed that if it was possible the cup, should pass Him by, but the final clause that showed brokenness was when He added “Not my will, but thine be done”. Now that is the language of true Christianity. Continue reading “Bitter Vs Better” »