About us


PHCityOnline is a directory that supports small businesses in Port Harcourt to have an online presence. It is a 100% free directory that is bringing the goods and services of small businesses in Port Harcourt to the finger tips of everyone. It offers a platform for events and jobs to be listed as well.

Our mission is to help support locally run companies throughout Port Harcourt by providing a platform for them to showcase their products and services. We are happy to accept requests, and list legitimate small businesses operated within Port Harcourt.

Business owners, please submit your request for a free listing here. We also offer premium services for customers that want more than the free listing. Port Harcourt City Online directory submissions are human reviewed for accuracy. Review and publishing of listings generally takes 48 hours or more. Do you know a small business that would benefit from a listing on our Website? Suggest a site, and we’ll do our best to add an accurate free company listing.

Thank you for your support.

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